Check out below for pictures and some extra information on how our season went! At competition in this year, we placed 6th!

Below is a picture of our canoe mould for this year. It was CNC milled out of foam and then tuck-taped in preparation to our casting day.

Our mix design section had several different iterations of our mix before settling on the final one. Below you can see two members of the mix design team on casting day mixing the concrete.

Above is two members of our construction team working on creating the our canoe exhibit for the competition. This included our canoe stands as well as a mount for our canoe cross section.

Below is the cross-section stand at competition.

Above is a picture of the final touches on the canoe before getting it packed up for competition. This included sealing the concrete as well as adding final decals

Finally, the pictures below are all from competition, they include our team rowing, at our exhibit as well as some fun other shots.