This is the page to introduce you to this year’s executive team. Each executive position is crucial to the operation and success of the team.

Senior Captain
Matt Klassen

Matt is in his final year of civil engineering. Matt decided to join Concrete Canoe because he believes concrete is one of the coolest building materials on planet earth. For this upcoming year, Matt is looking forward to attending competition and finally building a concrete canoe (he’s been waiting since October of 2019).
Managing our team isn’t too much of a struggle for Matt, but cooking minute rice in a minute is! For some reason he can’t figure out why it won’t work. Additionally, outside of Concrete Canoe, Matt is training hard for his Olympics debut in stand-up comedy, he’s a real hoot.

Junior Captain
Cael Penner

Cael is a third year civil engineering student and is also the team’s Construction Lead. He initially joined Concrete Canoe to learn real world applications of engineering and to learn how to make concrete float. Learning how to manage a team and pouring/forming concrete is what Cael is looking forward to this year.
If Cael had to compete in an Olympic Event, his event would be curling, not sure if his double-jointed pinky toes will be helpful.

Finance & Sponsorship Lead
Josh Gregorchuk

Josh is in his fifth year of civil engineering. He initially joined concrete canoe to broaden his skill set, gain experience, but most importantly, to help the team win! For this year, Josh is looking forward to coordinating with sponsors so that he can successfully fund all aspects of our team.
If Josh wasn’t on Concrete Canoe, but competing in the Olympics, you’d catch him out on the volleyball court, after eating his favorite meal of homemade pasta of course!

Mix Design Lead
Jesse Adamson

Jesse is a civil engineering student in his fifth year. When attending the Steel Bridge competition in 2019, Jesse discovered CNCCC and was introduced to all aspects of the competition and canoes. What mainly intrigued him in joining the team was creating a concrete that’s lighter than water, but strong enough that the canoe won’t snap. This year he is looking forward to the iterative process of creating a satisfactory mix to make the canoe out of and developing a structured plan and design methods for the following years of mix design.
Outside of Concrete Canoe, Jesse enjoys fishing in summer and building snow forts (~150 sq. ft. with a roof) in winter. If you were ever to catch him competing in the Olympics, it would be in the inaugural cribbage competition.

Hull Design Lead
Mercy Sebabili

Mercy is a fourth year mechanical engineering student. She decided to join Concrete Canoe to gain hands-on experience outside of class and so she could meet new and fun people from her faculty. The thing that Mercy is looking forward to most this year is obviously the competition!
When she’s not spending her time designing canoe hulls, Mercy has been known to drive 7+ hours non-stop to Thunder Bay with some friends to visit the International Friendship Garden. Another thing she loves to do, potentially at an Olympic athlete level, is watch movies!

Aesthetics and Tech Ex Co-Lead
Sam Wilson

Sam is a civil engineering student in her fifth year. She joined the team three years ago and was pulled in because it’s fun to work with other students and to creatively solve problems. As one would expect, Sam is looking forward to finally building a concrete canoe and technical exhibition to bring to competition this year!
The only thing that could steal Sam away from our team would be if the Canadian Women’s Olympic Basketball team asked her to play. Or maybe travelling to the other four wonders of the world (she’s already been to 3)!

Aesthetics and Tech Ex Co-Lead
Sukh Sawhney

Sukh is a fourth year civil engineering student. Sukh decided to join Concrete Canoe because it was a unique team. She loves to see peoples’ confused faces when she tells them she’s a part of a team that makes a canoe out of concrete and actually tries to get it to float. Getting to be a part of the U of M concrete canoe team that goes to competition for the first time is what Sukh is most excited for this year.
Assuming that Sukh would someday make it to the Olympics, you’d see her compete in badminton, probably because it’s her favorite sport. Besides badminton, she’s been spending her free time learning to shadow box and box on heavy bags. When Sukh isn’t busy with sports, she enjoys watching crime documentaries and thriller series.

Social Lead
Camryn McMillan

Camryn is in her fourth year of biosystems engineering. What initially interested her in joining UMCCC was the idea of making concrete float. She also loves working in a team, and thought this team would give her valuable engineering experience. This year, Camryn’s looking forward to growing the recognition of Concrete Canoe online and getting to compete in the team’s first ever in person competition!
For fun, Camryn likes to jump out of planes at 10 500 feet (I mean she’s only done it once, but still). However, if she were to compete in an Olympic Sport, she’d create a new one called “Knowing how the song goes but not knowing the song’s name.”

Team Trainer
Nikolai Kryvoruchko

Nikolai is a fourth year civil engineering student who first joined the team in its inaugural year because it was a new and interesting team. Additionally, he thought there would be lots of opportunities to contribute to the team and he’d be at the beginning of a long lasting history of the team. This year, Nikolai is looking forward to competing in our first in person competition, but also building the canoe and training for it.
In his spare time, Nikolai enjoys restoring classic cars. Also, if he ever had the opportunity to compete in the Olympic Games. he’d have to give high diving a try.